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      About Us
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      We are located in NingBo city, which is the economic center of ZheJiang province, in the south area of Yangtze River Delta.

      We are one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of thin-walled SS pipes and fittings since founded in 2008. Six full-automatic production lines of SS pipes consumes 7000 tons of SS materials such as 304\304L\316L. with rich experiences and RD ability, the company is one of the advisers to the industrial standards of metal socket-type fittings and the national standards of SS thin-walled pipes.

      We have adhered the business philosophy of brand quality creation and health, and have owned the patents in our products have been widely applied in the projects of water supply and drainage system\solar energy system\natural gas system\fire fighting system\ HVAC system.

      URL: www.eloustick.com mailbox: nbmingyang2008@sina.com

      Tel: 0574/28806670 2880667128806673 Fax: 0574/88171298